Together We Can

Make a World a better place for everyone.


Educated Children from sum of India

Provide shelter to Syrian war victims

Provide drinking water to people of Africa

Board Members

Eng.Seth Ackrad Shimwense

Founder & Chairman

Ms.Constance Mumbi

Project Manager

M.Kalifungwa SC

Advisory Head

Dr.H Zaman



My Goals Foundation give support to vulnerable children/youths and old aged citizens. The following are the programs/activities of the organization:

  1. Technology & Skills Development for youths
  2. Integrated Health Support
  3. Youth Empowerment Program through talent,skills and entrepreneurship
  4. Women Empowerment & Skills Development
  5. Food and Nutrition
  6. Personal Health & Awareness
  7. Civic & Spiritual Education

With our community outreaches, we reach out to various hurting communities in the further rural areas of Zambia and empower them with various life aspects.

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