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A Continental Leader in IT Training

Established in 2016, MIT MULTI-SERVICES AGENCY is one of the trusted IT training organizations . MIT MULTI-SERVICES AGENCY  is present in ASIA and AFRICA. MIT MULTI-SERVICES AGENCY  has offices in  India and Zambia. Our vision is to create a more just and prosperous world through education.

We hope to achieve this by making IT Education readily available worldwide.

Our prices are based on Cost Plus approach. Country-wise pricing is adjusted as per Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Businesses require IT training to help their team accomplish IT projects. They require the trainer to not only teach the course contents but also relate it to specific IT projects for which the training is sought.

Though some IT Training companies offer Bespoke Training, the solutions often lags the need. MIT MULTI-SERVICES AGENCY has taken a step forward with a four-step Full-stack Software development,Consultative Training and implementation called FCT (Fusion of Consultation,development and Training)

Our Top Differentiator

Quality of Trainers. We are the best place to work for Trainees since 2016. We are proud of our trainers.

MIT MULTI-SERVICES AGENCY is known as "Zambia’s Trainer Factory".